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Fempower is that invisible strength, grace and resilience that exists within every woman and makes her capable of doing and being so much more than she realises.

This world needs more Fempower - Get ready to unleash yours!

Our community is for women of all ages and stages - so, whether you’re 20 or 80, a mother or not, a worker, a business woman, a professional or a stay at homer – it’s for women just like you.

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What is the Chrysalis Club?

The Chrysalis Club is a community of women who are ready to unlock their Fempower and claim the life they deserve, rather than the life they feel they should be living for everyone else.

  • It’s an inspiring, uplifting and life-affirming community created by women, for women.
  • It’s a safe place where women support, encourage and inspire each other.
  • It’s a supportive group where we can come together to learn, connect and grow.
  • It’s a hub of information, inspiration and conversation.
  • It’s for women who want to carve their own path and set their own agenda.
  • It’s for strong, vibrant, empowered women not afraid to toot their own horn!

So, if you are:

So, here’s to the life-givers, miracle-creators and magic-makers of this world.
It’s time to grow your wings and fly high.


My name is Karina Todd and I am the founder of Fempower. I am a certified Women’s Empowerment Coach. I am also a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a colleague, an accountant and many other things to many other people. It is though, without doubt, the fact that I am a woman who is passionate about supporting other women that inspires my work.

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