Welcome to Fempower

I am a Women’s Empowerment Coach, specialising in stress management and menopause support.

I am a woman, just like you, who often finds herself in the ‘messy middle’ of everything and everyone – constantly trying to juggle all the balls.

Through my experience of working full-time while raising a family and setting up a business, I completely understand the never-ending effort it takes to manage the daily multi-tasking while trying to overcome the overwhelm of being all things to all people.

I am passionate about helping and supporting women (just like you) to take some time out to think about themselves and what they want from life.

My coaching programmes are as unique as you are – tailored to meet your own specific needs – whether you need help with managing your stress, rediscovering the real you or navigating the hormonal rollercoaster…


And There’s More Good News……

You are not the only woman feeling like she would love some support along the way! 

The majority of us women are all thinking and feeling the same way – we would love some time to ourselves but feel guilty admitting it, we sometimes feel exhausted but don’t want to seem weak, some days we could scream but decide to stay silent. The problem is that we are so concerned about protecting other people’s feelings, we neglect our own. We are so consumed by caring for everyone around us that we forget to care for ourselves.

If this all sounds familiar and you would love to be surrounded by a community of women who are on a mission to change this then


What is the Chrysalis Club?

The Chrysalis Club is a FREE community of women just like you, for women just like you – women busy navigating the ever-changing landscape of life while trying to juggle all the balls at the same time as trying to be all things to all people (with maybe even the odd hot flush thrown into the mix!).

It’s a breath of fresh air away from a world where women feel pressured into doing it all, having it all and being it all.

Once inside The Chrysalis Club you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a big hug and you’ll be surrounded by women ready to listen, support and guide you to help make this stage of your life the best one ever!

  • It’s an inspiring, uplifting and life-affirming community created by women, for women
  • It’s a safe place where women support, encourage and inspire each other
  • It’s a supportive group where we can come together to learn, connect and grow
  • It’s a hub of information, inspiration and conversation
  • It’s for women who want to carve their own path and set their own agenda
  • It’s for strong, vibrant, empowered women not afraid to toot their own horn!


So, if you feel like you are:

So, here’s to the life-givers, miracle-creators and magic-makers of this world.
It’s time to grow your wings and fly high.


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Alone we can only do so much but together the sky is the limit. Your time is now...

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