My name is Karina Todd and I am a certified Women’s Coach, specialising in stress management and menopause support. I am also a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a colleague, an accountant and many other things to many other people. It is though, without doubt, the fact that I am a woman passionate about supporting other women that inspires my work.

My life to date (in a nutshell)

I was born and bred in Belfast, headed off to University in Wales to study Banking and Finance at the age of 19, lived it up in London for 2 years before returning home to Northern Ireland to train as a Chartered Accountant.

Shortly after qualifying, I met and married a wonderful man (who is still my husband!) and gave birth to 4 fantastically fabulous children in quick succession!



My journey so far…

Life continued in a wonderful haze of baby powder, toilet training, school runs then GCSE and A Level choices until a few years ago, as a busy, full-time working, stressed out and overwhelmed mother, I suddenly realised that I had forgotten to prioritise my own needs in the middle of everything. I had neglected my own physical and emotional wellbeing along the way. In short, I was exhausted, frustrated and found myself to be suddenly heading full speed into peri-menopause wondering where the time had gone!

Lessons Learned

So I started on a journey of personal development, self-discovery and learning – learning to take time to prioritise, respect and love myself in the middle of the crazy pace of life. Like most women, I had spent much of my adult life trying to be all things to all people while, along the way, losing sight of who I actually was.
It was from this experience of learning how to change how I think and feel that I decided to help other women to do the same. Having then trained as a Women’s Coach, I’m on a mission to help and support other women to navigate the changes of life to make this stage of our lives the best ever! I truly believe it is possible for us women to enjoy a powerfully positive experience – for ourselves and those around us.

My Mission…

I am now on a mission to help all women to unleash the power within them to live a life they love!

While I am not going to pretend that life will always be perfect (sure, wouldn’t that be boring!), I have spent the last few years reading, researching and training to support women in all areas of their personal development journey.

Through my experiences as a professional working mother coupled with my training in women’s coaching, menopause support and stress management, I have developed a system tailored specifically to help you through every step of your journey with powerful one-to-one coaching programmes, group workshops and exciting events to re-ignite that fire in your belly.

But that’s not all, I am not alone on this mission – along the way many women have joined me to say they are also ready for change.  We have now all come together in a wonderful community of fabulously like-minded women and when you join you will feel like you have walked into a big hug! The women in our Chrysalis Club are here to support, inspire and raise each other up to new levels – we are all in this together so you will never feel alone.

So, if you feel like you would love some support along the way and you want to be in a place where you can just be yourself and others will just ‘get you’ –  Join The Club!

See you on the inside,