Our Mission

To bring the women of the world together to learn, connect and grow.

The Fempower Vision

To build a community of empowered, engaged and energised women ready to support themselves and each other to grow their wings and fly high through this journey of life.

Our Core Values


By unleashing your Fempower you will begin to live the life you were always meant to live and not the life you think you should be living.

You will start to set your own rules, meet your own goals and toot your own horn!

As a supportive community, we will stand strong and ready to fly high while at the same time being the wind beneath the wings of other women. With such an invaluable wealth of life experiences and backgrounds, we will support, help and advise each other through this journey.

The Chrysalis Club is a community of collaboration and cooperation – like a Gentlewomen’s Club where we can kick back, relax and just be ourselves.

It’s a safe place where we can come together to chat over a cuppa, laugh over a latte or even gossip over a gin!

It’s also a hub of information, inspiration and conversation – with enlightening, empowering tools and techniques for dealing with the never-ending juggling of everything.  From stress management to career management, weight management to time management and so much more – we have it covered!

Our community is a coming together of women of all ages and stages to learn, connect and grow– there is something for everyone.

So whether you’re 20 or 80, a mother or not, a worker, a business woman, a professional or a stay at homer – it’s for women like you.

If you feel like you would love to be learn more about yourself, connect with new friends and grow into the woman of your dreams, then Join the Club we can’t wait to meet you!